RUCsport is a non-profit volunteer-run sports organisation located at Roskilde University’s campus.

Our organisation has gone through many iterations and stretches back to the mid-2000s but was re-founded with a full board in its current form in 2017 when Toby took over from the previous chairmanship.

Starting in 2018 the organisation broke ties with The Student Council (Studenterrådet på RUC) becoming independent of outside interests. The same year we were registered with a CVR-nummer (business ID) and were granted an office in Studenterhuset RUC.

At our most active point we were hosting 8 weekly activities. We are hoping to get back to that level following COVID19.

Want to get in touch?

Email: rucsport@gmail.com
We respond within 72 hours.

Office location: Universitetsvej 1, bygning 13
Office hours: By appointment.
CVR: 39443058

Social media:
Facebook page fb.com/RUCsport/ (announcements / news)
Facebook group fb.com/groups/RUCSPORT/ (activities)