Become a member

Please note for the gym:
We run a sign-up sheet requiring members to sign up for their workout slots.
We have 7 slots at a time, and it can get busy between 16:00 and 19:00
However, if you can plan a day in advance – you’ll likely get a spot.
Don’t expect those hours to be “drop in as you please”

Opening hours of the gym: 24/7
Opening hours of the dance studio: Weekdays after 18:00 + entire Saturday & Sunday.

How to join RUCsport

New memberships are on the first Sunday at 12:00pm of every month.

For 2022: 3rd of July, 7th of August, 4th of September, 2nd of October, 6th of November, 4th of December

If you want to a RUCsport membership, please follow this procedure

Step 1. Choose your membership duration.

  • 375dkk (3 months / 90 days)
  • 600dkk (6 months / 181 days)

Step 2. Payment.

Mobilepay: 59324

Bank: reg 9570 konto 12611439

IBAN: DK1130000012611439

Please note that if you’re doing an international transfer, we request that you pay the fees.
Some of our members prefer to use the app “Revolut” as the fees are cheap.

We also accept Paypal or Zettle (payment links) – email us for those!

Step 3. Include the following info in an email to

  • Full name
  • RUC-mail
  • Birthday – day-month-year format (31-12-1990)
  • Your postal code (e.g. 4000 for Roskilde, 1050 for CPH etc.)
  • Amount paid / duration of membership

Step 4. Await your membership.

You’ll have it by the first Sunday of the month if you paid before 12:00pm.

You’ll gain access to the gym and dance studio on the first following weekday around lunchtime.

Pictures of the gym

Pictures of the gym can be found at

The membership entitles you to

  • Use our facilities on campus (Gym + dance studio)
  • Have your voice heard during decision making.
  • Request new activities and sports equipment.
  • Vote and run for our board at the general assembly.
  • Participate at the general assembly, where we present our economy, vote on bylaws, and decide on how to run the organisation.

Trial membership

  • You can acquire a trial membership for 125dkk for 1 month / 34 days.
    This can only be used once. Afterwards you’ll minimum need to pay for 3 months.

Membership conditions

By joining RUCsport you agree to follow our membership conditions and gym rules. They can be found at the subpages below

Data collection
About our data collection: We need to document our members when working with the sports’ union. We always delete information about members 3 years after an ended membership or upon request while terminating a membership.

Why the odd number of days?
All our memberships start on Mondays and end on Sundays. This just means extra membership time at the same cost for you rather than a 30/90/180-day structure. 🙂