We are often asked “What kind of supplement/ equipment” should I get?

We recommend the following supplement sellers: (cheapest, average taste + produced in England) (best tasting + produced in Denmark) (good products, many brands)

Supplement stack

Keep in mind that supplements are exactly *that*, they supplement your diet.
They won’t fix a bad diet of pizza and beer.

We recommend:
Whey protein

Some people enjoy Preworkout (PWO) and BCAA. It’s expensive.
You can get the same benefits from caffeine drinks and regular whey.

For equipment we recommend:

Kneebands (for people with bum knees)
Rehband or SBD knee sleeves

Lifting shoes (for squatting)
Adidas weightlifting shoes (Power Perfect 2.0 or 3.0)

Get something that’s high cotton, we recommend stuff from:

Sweatshorts or sweatpants, should be stretchy
H&M has a fine selection