Rules for the gym

1. Return equipment to its designated place after use.
2. If you’re the last person leaving the gym, please close the windows.
3. Wear indoor shoes or socks.
4. Signing up for your workouts is mandatory; failure to do so will result in being asked to leave.
5. Disinfect or wash your hands prior to training.
5. After using equipment, disinfect it.
6. Non-members are not allowed as guests.

Not following the rules will get you kicked out of the gym and your membership terminated.

We are a small community and run by volunteers, so we want the gym to be a fun, inclusive and great place to train for everyone.

Explanations for the rules:

  • No outdoor shoes – why?
  • Our machines cannot handle so much gravel and dirt. They are expensive and this will make them break.
  • Why is there a sign-up sheet?
  • Our members like to plan their workouts based on availability.
    We also have members dealing with anxiety, who might be nervous when starting to work out or who prefer a certain amount of space. This rule has been repeatedly requested by long-time members over the years!
  • Why should I disinfect the equipment? Corona is gone!
  • Yes, but you might be carrying a cold or spreading around other germs/bacteria. We want to be hygienic!