RUCsport is the volunteer sports organisation at Roskilde University.

For Autumn 2021 we are hosting volleyball, football and yoga. Check the calendar!

Yoga sign up 2021:


You can stay updated at our facebook group.

All activities are free.

Using the gym & dance studio requires that you join RUCsport and pay our membership fees.

Become a member.

Contact: rucsport@gmail.com
We reply within 72 hours.

Where to find RUCsport:

Office – The Student House building 13 (ad hoc)

Gym – Building 45 (24/7, unstaffed)

Dance studio – Building 46 (Friday-Sunday, unstaffed)

Trekronerhallen – Trekroner Allé 1 (Saturdays 16:00-20:00. See schedule)

Volleyball at Trekronerhallen