05/06/2021 The gym reopens

Finally the gym reopens! On Monday the 7th of June we will once again open our gym to our members. If you are a RUCsport member you should have received an info email. Let us know if you haven’t.

For now the gym will be open 07.00 – 16.00 on weekdays (monday through friday) and we will still have the restrictions from 2020 in place.

11/05/2021 – General assembly

Our general assembly will this year be held on Sunday 20th of June at 16.00.

If you want to run for the board, please announce your candidature to no later than the 12th of June 2021 at 16.00.

The agenda will be sent out the 19th of June 2021 at 12.00.

The meeting will likely be held on Zoom – but we are hoping for physical assembly in The Student House at RUC. We’ll announce the location on the 12th of June.

11/05/2021 – Sports reopening

Gym is still closed until RUC fully reopens.

Sports will resume this weekend – check our Facebook group for more info and sign up links:

Email us if you don’t have Facebook.


Still closed 🙁

However, the future is looking bright! We might reopen sports mid-May.

The gym needs to await RUC’s full reopening and the reopening of commercial gyms. All memberships are still paused.

The board also decided to postpone our general assembly. Usually we hold the assembly in the first quarter, but we have decided to move it to the second quarter. We expect to hold it in June – hopefully in person!

As always we can be contacted at


Due to the new restrictions and RUC being closed, we’re shutdown again.

Members will be emailed once we reopen. If you’re consindering joining, we’ll update you here and on our social media accounts.

All memberships are paused.


We have reopened and resumed activities.

See for how to join the gym and the calendar for activities.

We’re currently enforcing following COVID-19 rules.

Corona/hygiene rules:
1. Disinfect or wash your hands before training.

2. Do you have any symptoms of illness or have you been in contact with a COVID-19 infected person – then stay home and get tested.

3. If you test positive COVID-19, then you should inform campus.

4. A minimum distance of 2 meters must be kept between gym goers.

5. Training should take place in the marked areas if possible. Max 1 person pr. area.

6. Machines can be used if you keep 2 meters distance

7. Disinfect equipment after use, and optionally before for your own sake.

8. Air out the room during training by leaving the windows tilted.

9. Use the dedicated Google sheet to sign up for your workout.

10. Guests are in no way allowed.

If you experience a breach of the above rules, please contact the chairman Toby at email


We are still closed due to the lockdown of the university. We intend to reopen once RUC fully reopens. Currently that seems to be in August.

We sadly can’t offer refunds. As a non-profit volunteer organisation we did not receive financial support during the lockdown, and this has put us in a tight spot financially. Furthermore, memberships are “membership of the organisation” and thus not subject to market laws.

We have decided to offer free membership extensions for current members once we reopen. We have yet to implement this procedure, but we aim to extend your membership with time lost during COVID-19.

We want to thank you for your patience while we await reopening.

You can always reach us at if you have any inquiries.


We are currently closed due to COVID-19.

The general assembly was held on the 18th of February.

Elected board:
Tobias Lafontaine – chairman
Sandra Johansen – vice-chairman
Kåre Olesen – treasurer
Mikkel Zielinski
Johannes Frost Glahder
Kristian Brøgger
Casper Sunemeier

Our kontigent prices were raised to 375dkk / 3 months or 600dkk / 6 months.


General assembly will be held the 18th of February from 16.00 to 17.00.


  • Godkendelse af bestyrelsens beretning (evaluering af det sidste års aktiviteter). 
  • Godkendelse det reviderede regnskab. 
  • Godkendelse det kommende års handlingsplan og budget.
  • Valg af medlemmer til bestyrelsen i RUCsport.
  • Valg af formand, næstformand og kasserer.
  • Valg af en kritisk revisor til at gennemgå regnskabet.
  • Valg af evt. suppleanter

Tobias Lafontaine
Sandra Johansen
Kåre Olesen
Mikkel Zielinski
Johannes Frost Glahder
Kristian Brøgger
Casper Sunemeier

Please submit your intention to run to at latest the 11th of February 16.00.


The extraordinary general assembly was held. Kåre Olesen is the new treasurer and new bylaws have been voted in. The bylaws can be viewed on this website.

Current board is:
Tobias Lafontaine (Chairman)
Sandra Johansen (Vice chairman)
Kåre Olesen (Treasurer)
Mikkel Zielinski
Johannes Frost Glahder

The summary of the assembly can be found here:


The meeting will be held in building 13, 2. floor, room 13.2-051.


Agenda for general assembly the 31st of October:

1. Election of new treasurer
2. Election of other posts
3. State of economy
4. New bylaws, presented and voted for

Agenda for board meeting following general assembly:
1. Studiemiljøpulje 2020
2. Review of current activities
3. New treadmill
4. Update on DGI
5. Plan for 2020


New bylaws can be read here:

Current bylaws can be found here:


An extraordinary general assembly will be held the 31th of October 2019, as Michael is stepping down as treasurer.
Kåre Olesen has announced his intention to run for treasurer.
Tobias Lafontaine is running for chairman.
Sandra Dalby Johansen is running for vice-chair.
Mikkel Zielinski is running for board member.
Johannes Frost Glahder is running for board member.

At the assembly we’ll also be reviewing (and hopefully approving) new bylaws. These will be posted at latest 12th of October for review online.